“I began seeing Rebecca towards the beginning of my recent pregnancy, about eight months ago. I was interested in using reiki to help with my fibromyalgia and for help with balancing my very intense emotions as I faced pregnancy. I had a traumatic birth experience four years ago with my first daughter, and wanted to explore and heal that trauma as much as possible before the birth of my second daughter. Not only did reiki and other modalities help with the aches and pains of pregnancy, the sessions helped me emotionally and spiritually beyond what I could have hoped for. Rebecca was responsive, flexible, and knowledgeable, always providing a safe space for me to work through a trauma I hadn't realized I still held so deeply. During the course of my sessions with her, I was able to explore the deep wounds left behind from my last birth experience and gain a sense of healing and wholeness that had eluded me for the past four years. And as if the pain relief and trauma integration weren't enough, I recently had the most amazing birth experience I could have hoped for - quick, natural, healing, joyful; everything I hoped birth could be but had not experienced the first time around. I have no doubt that my time with Rebecca is why I was able to experience such an awe-inspiring and healing birth. Her preparedness, professionalism, intuition and integrity all contribute to her ability as a healer and guide. I highly recommend her expertise, particularly for working through past trauma and integrating traumatic experience.”

-Rachel B., 2016

“Rebecca has a gift for massage. I worked in the industry for several years and have received numerous massages. But none like Rebecca's. She has an amazing way of intuitively knowing not only what the body needs, but the manner in which to address what ails you. I can't say enough about her healing touch. She is knowledgeable, approachable, and she honestly cares a great deal about healing pain on multiple levels.”

 -Heather C., 2018

“Rebecca is a wonderful massage therapist! She does everything in her power to make sure her clients feel safe and comfortable while providing excellent therapy. Whenever I receive body work from Rebecca I feel like all of my concerns were heard and addressed and I leave feeling absolutely amazing. Being a massage therapist myself I highly recommend her.”

-Christina O., LMT, 2019

“I remember during a particularly challenging time on my spiritual journey, Rebecca co-facilitated a Kundalini workshop series. She shared kundalini concepts in a way that was easy to understand, with thought and poise. She has a gentle, kind aura that is compassionate and comforting in your suffering. Her spirit of acceptance and gratitude made the class so enjoyable. Hands down the workshop series was one of the best I have ever attended. I highly recommend Rebecca Nann!”

-Rachel M., 2019

“Rebecca is a kind and compassionate healer. She takes the time to work with you wherever you are on your journey, without judgement or agenda. Patient and experienced, Rebecca is a wonderful addition to the Brattleboro area community.”

-Ryan H., 2019

“Rebecca embodies the role of a healing facilitator with such grace, compassion and FLUIDITY. She listens with patience and full presence and seemingly very naturally creates a space around her (as a massage therapist, yoga and movement guide, energetic conduit AND as a human being) which provides me with a deep and immense sense of safety and nurture. I highly recommend her for any offering you may be considering seeing her for.”

-D.L., 2019